Breathing is natural and automatic. Yet, for all its importance in life, breathing is often overlooked and taken for granted. Breathing exercises can be a powerful tool to help you settle your mind in a moment of high stress, or in preparation for an important event or critical decision.

This book introduces the power of deep breathing exercises like never before. Whether it be for dealing with anxiety or getting ready for meditation. Deep breathing techniques will enhance your practice and improve your ability to regulate your emotions.


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Marcus is the Founder of Relaxation One and The Elemental Living Group.

  • Developer of the App, Relaxation One
  • Translator of “The Art of Listening to Life”
  • A Certified Mindfulness Coach
  • Life Long Breathing Coach
  • and TED TALKER!

Marcus has been using and teaching Breathing Exercises for over 30 years. He has studied with great Masters in the world, lived in Ashrams in India (quiet retreat centres for Practice and Study) learning about the benefits of Yoga and more specifically Pranayama Yoga, which focuses on breathing and the various effects that breathing exercises can have on our body and mind. He has studied the world’s great religion in University, run corporations, walked the plains of Tibet, and climbed Great Pyramids.

You deserve more than just an average life! Let me show you how easy it is to breathe your way into living your best life with this book! This book will help you get out of any rut or negative mindset by teaching you how to take charge of your thoughts through controlling your breath. It’s time for some peace, in your mind! Get started and stay connected now!

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You deserve to feel great all the time! Let me show you how breathing exercises feed your endocrine system and gently massages your organs through movement and regeneration.

This book explains it all! Our natural state is a state of health and well being! Your body is equipped to take care of that. Boost and balance your body functions!

Take a deep breath right now!

We Breathe, Therefore Here We Are !∆!  But Breathing Exercises enhance our presence and life experience. Mindfulness Practices and Meditation Sessions elevate to a whole new level when we prepare with a short breathing routine!

We don’t pay attention to our breathing because it is automatic, yet we can harness the power of breathing to boost our physical and mental performance. Breathing is so much more than meets the nose!

This book will help you understand the importance of breathing and meditation. It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to practice mindfulness meditation techniques with breathing exercises that enhance your ability to regulate your emotions. These practices are easy, simple, and effective for anyone looking for ways to get centred and to reduce stress or anxiety in their lives.

This book offers an introduction to mindfulness meditation techniques with breathing exercises that will enhance your practice and improve your ability to regulate your emotions. Breathing is the most natural and automatic thing we do, yet for all its importance in life, it’s often overlooked or taken for granted. You can use this book as a guide to help you meditate more deeply when experiencing stress or anxiety. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life!

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